The HFD Team’s
Zipline Adventure


This past Friday was not just another ordinary end to the work week for some members of the Aurora Development team. It was a day filled with excitement, adrenaline, and, most importantly, a sense of purpose.
Three team members – Katrina Ovenden, Elliot Cumming, and Stephen Lewis – embarked on a zipline challenge, soaring 1,000 ft across the iconic River Clyde in Glasgow. But this high-flying event wasn't just about the thrill. Behind the fun lay a deeper purpose. This event was all about charity, with every penny raised going towards a good cause. The donations raised by the team were generously matched contributions by Forma Real Estate Funds and The HFD Charitable Foundation, raising £2,200 in total. The funds go to Spifox, an organisation renowned for its incredible contributions to Scotland's children's charities.
The zipline event witnessed a fantastic turnout with 397 other participants over the weekend, all united by the shared goal of making a difference. Well done to every participant and donor for soaring to new heights in the name of charity!