Construction Meets


March marked a noteworthy moment in the ongoing project at Aurora. As construction progresses and the anticipation surrounding the full building refurbishment grows, there's something more that has grabbed the attention of visitors and passers-by: the building’s new hoardings.
The recently installed hoardings at Aurora have given the opportunity to showcase the CGIs of the planned refurbishment – which includes an enlarged biophilic designed reception and communal roof terrace.
However, what’s not obvious, these hoardings are recycled! They were previously used at another project nearby and have been repurposed at Aurora. This reutilisation underscores the project's commitment to sustainability. By recycling the hoardings, the team has managed to effectively minimise waste and reinforce the mantra of reusing resources where possible.
In a time where construction often bears the brunt for environmental concerns, Aurora’s approach is a breath of fresh air, showcasing that with a little creativity and commitment, the path to sustainable construction is possible.

Hoarding image.